Vista Hilliard update

I had the opportunity this past Sunday to share a little bit about myself as well as what’s been going on in Hilliard…

Vista Hilliard?

Our vision is “to be a multiplying church of worshipful, relational, missional people across Ohio and around the globe”…

Casting vision is a tricky art. If it’s cast too soon, there’s the risk of later on losing momentum when you need it most. If vision is cast too late, the momentum that’s hoped for doesn’t have enough time to swell up among people. And if vision is cast at the right time, but without compelling clarity, it won’t take root whether now or later. Truly, it’s an art form.

Every compelling vision has a visionary leader holding the flame that keeps that vision burning. Thankfully we have a visionary leader in Pastor Mike. God has entrusted a magnificent vision for Vista Community Church into the hands of Pastor Mike and our Elders.

My job, a privilege really, is to be one of the people of Vista who carry our vision forward into Hilliard and beyond. That’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re casting vision. We’re getting the word out. We’re recruiting. We’re networking. We’re partnering. People are stepping into leadership spaces. Our community is deepening and growing.

God is moving and shaping something wonderful in Hilliard. And as we see what God is doing we’re jumping in to join Him. Our mission is “to be a movement of communities at the intersection of Jesus and real life”. We’re disciples of Jesus and we’re striving to make his name more and more famous in Hilliard and beyond.

Is Vista Hilliard a site now? In a sense, yes, we’ve sprung off the starting block and we’re on our way racing down the track! We have a great amount of work to accomplish before we become a fully formed Vista site but we’re moving.

One of our most recent developments is the full launch of all social media, communications and event planning forums. Vista Hilliard, while not a fully formed site yet, has a distinct virtual presence where we will be posting the stories of what God is doing. God is great, Jesus is King and we’re fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Come check us out!


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